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Cat Rental Store

About?The?Cat Rental Store

A combined global network of?more than 1,300?dealer-owned locations make The Cat? Rental Store a convenient source?of?a wide selection of Cat products,?work tools and equipment from more than 70 leading brands.?No matter the job, no matter the challenge, The Cat Rental Store is committed to its customers’?success.

Product Offerings

The?Cat??Rental Store network offers the largest construction equipment rental fleet in the world. From our well-known Cat earthmoving machines, excavators, skid steer loaders, backhoes, pavers and compactors, work tools and power generators to?equipment from?more than?70?other top-tier brands?including?aerial work platforms, compressors, concrete, HVAC or dumpers.

From heavy equipment rental to power generation, from trenching or shoring to scissor and telescopic boom lifts,?we have the equipment?customers?need to get the job done.

Why?The?Cat Rental Store?

Beyond the equipment,?The Cat Rental Store understands?their?customers’ business: The risks. The uncertainty. The highs and the lows.?The team?knows?how hard?customers?work, and?they?are always?ready to prove?they?will work just as hard.?

At every store, customers?have access to?an extensive?offer of short-term rentals of multiple brands of products, leasing options for Cat heavy machinery with specialized?top-level?backup,?used or new?solutions available at different price points?and a complete team?of equipment experts?committed to their success.

In US and Canada call 24/7 1-800-RENT-CAT


Construction Equipment,?Mining Equipment,?Diesel & Natural Gas Engines

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