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FG Wilson

About FG Wilson

Based in the United Kingdom, FG Wilson has over 50 years of experience in the supply of diesel and gas generator sets and is a world leader in providing power whenever and wherever it is needed.?Since 1990,?FG Wilson has worked with a variety of global customers to install?roughly?640,000 generator?sets?around?the world—that’s enough?combined power generation capacity as the entire U.K.?power grid!

Product Offerings

The?FG Wilson?product line ranges from small ready-to-run generator sets suitable for domestic use to large power systems with remote monitoring?capable of feeding back into the national grid.?

For more challenging power needs, FG Wilson's Power Solutions Department?is dedicated to providing?customized solutions to meet customers?specific requirements, timelines and budget, regardless of complexity.

All?products come with?lifetime product support from authorized?dealers.

Why FG Wilson

FG Wilson’s?engineering expertise and?continual investment in new technology and production methods?makes the brand a leader?within the power generation industry.?With a?network of?more than 100?authorized?dealers, FG Wilson is?best placed to deliver the most cost effective and technically advanced power generation systems around the world.



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Countries of Use:

Global?excluding North America

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