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About M2M Data

Founded in 1999, M2M Data Corporation (M2M) offers a turnkey-hosted solution that enables our customers to remotely monitor their assets, perform remote diagnostics and streamline their operations. The commitment to deliver simple, easy-to-use products and services with world-class reliability has made M2M a market leader in asset monitoring and management services for the Oil & Gas industry. As industry pioneers, every service offered is backed by a 99.7 percent uptime service level agreement.

Service Offerings

M2M Data Corporation has developed a wide range of services and hardware that work together to provide the remote status of equipment data with real-time notifications upon equipment status changes, including equipment shutdown events.

Why Use M2M?

M2M Data Corporation has maintained a strong legacy of leadership in the remote asset monitoring and management field, with a focus on oil and gas. It offers customers end-to-end solutions with unmatched customer service. The agile development team continuously evolves offerings to stay at the top of the industry and work to customize offerings based on a customer’s exact needs. M2M turnkey-hosted solutions help customers focus on achieving operational excellence.



Oil & Gas, General Industrial

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Distribution Channels:

B2C (Direct)