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About MaK

Since 1997,?MaK?has been the leading provider of?premium marine engines and generator sets?for customers in?the cruise, ferry, cargo, inland waterway, offshore, tug and?salvage, fishing, governmental?and dredge segments.

Product Offering

MaK?is one of the top engine brands?in the medium-speed propulsion market.??To?improve fuel consumption?and exhaust emissions,?MaK?engines?are?capable of running?on economical heavy fuel oil.

The?MaK?product line features?marine diesel, gas and dual fuel engines?used in a wide variety of marine applications.?Products from?MaK?include:

  • Main propulsion engines from 1,020 kW to 16,800 kW?
  • Generator sets from 979?kWe?to 16,111?kWe.?

Why MaK?

MaK?offers exceptionally engineered and innovative products, components and services.?The engines?also?provide?unparalleled “anytime, anywhere” product support?to ensure?confidence and peace of mind for?customers by ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.?The?MaK?team?boasts a?thorough?understanding of customer needs and?enjoys uncommonly strong customer relationships.



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